Inertia kinetic energy

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The production process of manufacturing iron shafts is similar to that of iron pipes. The iron shaft can be considered as a small iron pipe with unique properties. There are many different sections for the production of golf iron shafts. In general, a large iron coil is unfolded and then shaped, welded and cut into a circular tube shape.

The iron pipe is then processed and measured by metal rod size to determine the exact match between the iron pipe and the diameter of the drawn inner pipe. The tube is stretched, cut into segments, weighed and balanced. Then, one end of each iron pipe is tapered to give it a specific hardness and frequency. The middle tube is cleaned, straightened, heat treated and quenched. Some shafts are straightened by the machinery we design and build. To prevent corrosion, the shaft is coated with a layer of nickel and then covered with a layer of chrome. Finally, before the shaft is boxed and sent to the customer, it will be dried, polished, and checked for flaws on the surface. The process of making the iron shaft is quite complicated, combining different processing steps and factors to become our unique technology.

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